In an effort to help our students and their families prepare for the upcoming school year, we are providing the following grade-level specific Supply Lists.  We are anticipating an invigorating, challenging, and inspiring academic school year. We love our scholars, encourage the support of our parents, and invite all community citizens and other stakeholders to help make 2018-2019 a successful school year. Please note that the enclosed school supply lists are not comprehensive; as a result, your child’s teacher may suggest a few additional items as the school year progresses.  We encourage ALL parents to come out to Hancock County Schools’ Open House on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 from 12PM-4PM for further insight on the supplies needed. Hope to see you there!  Supply Lists

Hancock Central Middle School would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our 8th grade student, Ms. Tiliyah Lewis. Tiliyah Lewis has been awarded the Hancock School District Winner for Oconee RESA Young Georgia Authors’ Writing Competition 2018. (Read more)




Dr. Charles R. Culver, Superintendent of Hancock County Schools

Hancock County School System completed its state review, with commendations from AdvancED, the review board, which conducted the review. As a result of this extensive and comprehensive review over almost a 3-year period, Hancock County School System was removed from the “Under Review” status, and commended for its overall improvement, according to Dr. Charles, R. Culver, Superintendent of schools.
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The Hancock County School District, acting through its Superintendent and Board of Education, have cooperated fully and worked diligently to address any issues raised by AdvancED related to its accreditation of the school district. 

The State Board of Education has been provided monthly reports about the progress of the monitoring process.  On February 1, 2017, the School District provided a lengthy response to the most recent report from an AdvancED review team. 

In that report, the District states, “over the last year and a half of the monitoring process, the Hancock County School District has implemented remarkable and positive changes in its governance structure with an updated and publicly available policy manual, a set of guidelines for board members and the superintendent to work more effectively together ....Read more

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